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The world is full of conflicts because it is full of humans. But conflict does not have to be crises or chaos. It is the friction of Plutonium assertive conflicts that culminates into crises, chaos and catastrophe. Every human is a collection of hidden or expressed conflicts, critical or classic. What makes games interesting are the challenges they pose. what makes movies, Wrestling, Football, Basketball, Boxing very capturing is the conflict they present with the need to win. Life, therefore, is worth living as long as there is an object to desire, a course to take and a hope to win. When nothing makes meaning anymore then life is done and gone.

Will humans ever be one again? Only when there were one, a man, and one, a woman was complete oneness known on earth, in good and erring, in innocence and falling. I do not think I believe it but if there was a Lilith then the coming of a third, our Eve, is the cutting of the cord. And Lilith is to blame, God is never to blame. Here, I digress to submit that the ever best form of union is between two -a man and a woman -that is wholeness. And I do not mean that wholeness is without challenges. Only the blown-away cremated dead ones face and feel no earthly challenges. There are, over dead bodies, challenges of swelling, stinking, embalming, shrinking, burying and decaying. The worms make the grave busy a good while. And necromancers can still trouble the dead, even the great Prophet Samuel lamented when summoned from paradise for king Saul.

So, we must be quick to reconcile with the fact that conflict is human and global phenomenon. Crises, chaos and catastrophe (nature or human triggered) are not contents of the Nigerian land or logo, soil or sky.
If we agree that the flag or badge of evils: corruption and terrors are not Nigerian we we will find comfort to hope, confidence to live and Courage to cater rather than complain even amidst felt or heard, visiting or abiding plagues if unpleasantness.

The problem with Nigeria, as it is with all Capital cities or palatial countries of corruption and crises is the unwillingness to dissolve the powers of a single-eye and solidify the powers of many eyes. To be single-eyed is to be monstrous, cyclopsic. It led the Hutu against the Tutsi in Rwanda. It caused the Nigerian Civil war and all civil wars. It caused all wars and terrors. A single eye can never work in a secular state of accidental conception that involved many sperm cells ruining ova into one entity -a very multi-eyed Cyclops.

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