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“STRESS IS GOOD” How was work today? “Oh it was stressful”. This is a very common response we hear from people around us, they had gone through a very busy day, and no one is exempted from this kind of experience. We encounter stress virtually every day and in diverse circumstances. Loss of Job, financial constraint, unemployment etc. are some victims’ reason for getting stressed. Whether at work, at home, anywhere we find ourselves, there is always one stress or the other. For instance, those who ply the busy streets of Lagos can even get stressed on the road. Stress is everywhere; embedded in our everyday life. But the concern is how is it managed? Since we can’t escape stress while we live, how do we cope with it? Stress wittily defined in simple terms is our body reacting to challenges and situations per time. A lot of people are stressed and distressed. Several others have suffered impairment in their health conditions because they found themselves in a stress- full circumstance or environment. Whose fault could that be? The Government? Economy? Or God? Well, several reasons could cross the mind and they can be justifiably proven. But critically considering different factors and willing to justify all, we can conclude that its no one’s fault. Stress is normal. Therefore, the onus rests on us individually to make sure we are not adversely affected by it. Managing Stress There are several tips on how to relieve stress, such as: get more sleep, relaxation techniques, talk to someone, laughing to ease tension etc. however, the fulcrum of the whole topic of Stress management is YOU. How well do you take care of yourself- your body? Are you just non-challant and careless of your health? Do you even consider and take note of how efficient your body is today? Please make necessary adjustments, or else there is none to blame but yourself, for your own distress. Finally, no matter how ironical it sounds, stress is good. It solely depends on our individual perceptions of situations. Stress can ginger us to be more efficient. It can prepare us for a bigger and better task. Take for instance, a man receives a sack letter from his boss at work. Instead of getting distressed through different thoughts of hopelessness that jams the mind in such incidence, he chooses to see it as a blessing in disguise, believing a better life is around the corner. He then get himself encouraged by himself, plans to be his own boss and begins to ‘cook up’ something with optimism. I love to be like this man. So the question is- what do you see? How strong are you to react positively to tough situations? Be admonished! You can win all time. See stress as good and convert it to your own advantage, then life will be better. Stress is good, but don’t get stressed, overstressed, or distressed. Reflection: “It is me that determines what happens to me”. Caleb Elegbeleye.

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