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» » » » I Bow in Solitude I Bounced in Rectitude

I Bowed in solitude, I Bounced in Rectitude

Giant mamba's bitten my Bingo, she died
And puppies flooded, long till they all died
And Magu grazed my sister's fresh field
And mother, to father's torture must yield

And Magu wife came, yelling, clapping, cursing
And Many joined, clapping, seeing, Larape crying
All saw no rape victim. But all saw -a seductress
And after she hanged, mother died in bitterness

Then I, lone in the storm, lone in the hut
Then I, lone in the farm, lone by the tree by the hut
Thought thorns and beasts mean no harm at all
That darkness' better than light, my mirth meant gall

My busy heart's wandering on strong memories
With bitter bias beckoning only on swarming vagaries
And I heard only Caesar and Jesus in much bitterness
Shouting, "Flee Brutus! Flee Judas! Disdain fondness!"

The tree dropped orange on my head, it pained
But, Omolade, I bit and ate, and my tongue had gained
And I threw sticks and oranges dropped; I gained
Now saw I, now knew I, and I myself regained

The wind -strong, the stones -hard, the sticks -fast
Trees bend, lose leaves and fruits but remain they strong
They stand, budding, flowering, and like earth, they last
And the drop that pained my skull fed my tongue

Then returned I, to father ... ere, he's dying of loneliness
But now know I, how to bend, bow and bounce, with comeliness
I bowed in solitude, I bounced in rectitude.

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