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Some, in an error of attacking a person and group rather than an issue, and with a fallacy --Non sequitur, claim The Apostles wrote the New Testament and not the Catholic Church. I AM NOT or let me say I have not yet joined the Roman Catholic.
But we must know that the Apostles' Epistles were many and written to different Church-es. Canonization was done by the Catholic Church. We must know that she used to be the One & Universal church. And we must always remember that. There were years of gathering before Epistles were added one after another. Now, when some people probed and they're still doing that, into the Bible, with interpretations and controversies concerning tithing and speaking in tongues, responses were on the person and the issue, not a group he or they belong to. Catholics total is more than half o the Christians total. Some countries are Catholic countries, almost absolutely. And the other half is divided into very small portions or denominations. We must know. I am not defending her. NO! It's just necessary we know. And concerning the issue that might have led to any anti-Catholic comment, it's just a matter of language importation -I mean several verses are not even explained the same way, by all English Language Versions.
Complexity ta n soro e yii n se lo n peleke.
The Church should know that even Peter erred, Paul erred. Even our leaders get sustenance from The Lord. We must not bite them when we disagree with them. We can disagree wisely and lovingly.
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