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                                               EVIL REFUSES TO CEASE II

Gen 6:5  And GOD saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually. 
Now we have come to the focus of this chapter. Evil refuses to cease. Sin is now being committed by man continually. O Jesus save us!
I remember ‘our guy’ (a name I choose to use for a colleague) one day visited me in my lodge. We were talking. He was remorseful. He lamented. “As in, I should have gone far,” said he, looking at me with eyes calling for sympathy. “Hmmm!” I toned. “Sammo, you no believe. You know say e get as girls dey commot some blessing from someone’s life. You no know?”
Our guy lamented that he hadn’t stopped chasing girls. Actually, He is the one who got involved with VUM in the romance, Passion and Powers. He’s not only chasing them; he conquers them; he devours them; and he is never satisfied. He wished he could stop. He cried out, “Na only this girl thing o. Drinking no be serious like that. Smoking self na once in a while. And na because say I never stop, I no fit stop this girls wey I dey do.”
He was so pitiable! He was like Apostle Paul crying out that he was wretched. And laws within him are contradictory –one for good and the other for bad.
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God saw that wickedness was so great on earth. Is wickedness not still great. Is abomination decreasing? In this place it was sure that man did not have any regard for God or God’s laws or ways anymore. The emphasis was on man. Man was now knowledgeable. He knows what is bad. He can think for himself. But it is a pity that as it was then so is it now. Man can now think and even question the laws of God. God was emphatic about the mind of man. He said the thoughts of his hearts are evil. And that is continually. The scariest thing in this place is that God saw ONLY evil in man’s imaginations. O how those imaginations sweep in! O how the thoughts invade man’s mind without being invited! O how man likes to retain such thoughts!
Gen 6:6  And it repented the LORD that he had made man on the earth, and it grieved him at his heart. 
Can we say God felt He did wrong creating man? It repented Him that He made man? God didn’t do wrong creating man. All He created was very good and beautiful and innocent. When a stranger or an outsider offends us it pains us. We can fight to any length without any of familiarity or any restriction of relationship. But if a beloved does wrong we are tormented. When a beloved commits a grievous sin and offence such that we are tormented and traumatized with eruptions of anger and hate and suggestions of measures to take to deal with the beloved we are tormented. We are tormented because we are closely attached and we have emotional connection. There was a time that my father beat my younger sister. It was very painful for me because I love her so much that I couldn’t see her in pain. When my daddy finished beating her then she was in pain and crying; I began to pet her and I was crying as well. She would do the same for me. I didn’t think my daddy beat her wrongly. It seemed that I agreed she needed to be beaten before she learned. But I love her so much I cried when I watched her being punished.
Let us look at an only child, so loved and precious that the parents put all things under this child’s rule and called the child the masterpiece. Then imagine the parent is the Chief Justice and the child is now guilty of a capital offence. Imagine that it is the parent that must bang the gavel and pronounce the death sentence. O what a grief! After the judgment, the child is imprisoned and the parent still cared for the child but could not reverse the verdict. O what a grief! The parent watched the child lived some years and finally died as a result of the verdict. O what a grief!
Then the children and the grand children of this beloved child that died now continued in the capital offence. And it is still this chief judge, so just that nothing can escape true Judgment. O what a grief to be the one to sentence one’s child and grandchildren to death and destruction. That was why it pained God too much that He created man.
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Gen 6:7  And the LORD said, I will destroy man whom I have created from the face of the earth; both man, and beast, and the creeping thing, and the fowls of the air; for it repenteth me that I have made them. 
There’s no lawyer at the judgment seat of God! There’s a song: there is no lawyer there, there is no lawyer there; there is no lawyer there; on the judgment day, there is no lawyer there! There’s no intermediary; there’s no atonement; there’s nothing to offer as a sacrifice and there’s no advocate. The judge is just. Though it pained Him there’s no other way than for Him to destroy man. And since man is the masterpiece, man probably had infected other creatures with evil. Perhaps, bestiality or zoophilism was already an order. All living things would be destroyed. Plants would die. Trees that could not survive being covered by waters for months would die.
Gen 6:8  But Noah found grace in the eyes of the LORD. 
This man “Noah was a just man and perfect in his generations, and Noah walked with God (Genesis 6:9).
In the Name of Jesus I pray that God will shine His good countenance on us. Amen!
Noah was perfect because He obtained grace. He obtained grace because He had thoughts of God and walked with God. That was what Abraham also did. That was what Enoch did. To walk with God is to have God in our thoughts always and to always consider His ways and delight such that we will tremble when we realize we have erred and we will with godly sorrow look unto Him for help. That is just the whole matter.
Noah and His family were saved. There is no way His children would not be godly or of God. For Noah or for a man to worth honour he must be in charge of his family and his children must be brought up very well. That is, Noah walking with God included his family being godly. That is part of his perfection. That is why they obeyed him. In fact his daughters –in-law were also obedient and godly. What a godly family.
We do know that there was a cataclysmic flood and that was an apocalypse. Noah survived it.
Genesis 9:21 And he drank of the wine, and was drunken; and he was uncovered within his tent.
After the flood, after the sacrifice, after the blessing, after the covenant, Noah drank and became drunk. Then his grandson saw his nakedness and he cursed his grandson.
Let us just ponder on these points below:
·         Men multiplied and evils multiplied
·         God was grieved because of men’s wickedness
·         God planned and executed their destruction
·         God destroyed them all because He didn’t want their evil no more
·         Only Noah’s household was preserved
·         Noah was adjudged perfect
·         Noah was drunk
·         Noah cursed
·         Noah was of Adam.
·         Noah just demonstrated that wickedness still existed
·         Noah was of Adam
·         Sin was in Noah.
On the one hand, no human, outside Christ can be adjudged perfect again because all our righteousness is like filthy rags. Imagine the dialogue below.
“If I destroyed the whole world with water and all men perished, and all men that are now on earth are through the one household that I preserved, and evil and abominations still exist like this, O no, these people are helpless. We need to help them. Someone has to go.”
“O here am I Father, send me. I’ll go. I’ll save them and I’ll renew them.”
“Yes, you will. My Spirit will be with You. You will be a second Adam for them. So that as they are through the first Adam accursed they can be through You the second Adam blessed, even with life eternal.”
“Yes, Father. I give My Life for them.”
“But since they have eaten the fruit and can now think about good or evil, they cannot simply do what I ask them to do, then We cannot just make their salvation automatic. They have to come to me through You.”
“Yes sir. They have to believe that they may not perish. I am the Way, the Truth and the Life. No one cometh unto the Father but by me. Father, after I have done everything, I’ll return to You so that We can ask the Spirit of Yours to go to them to be their power over the sinful-nature of humanity. Then they can be able to get grace upon grace.”
“All is settled. You are their all in all.”
This is just the point we need to see. The whole world of sin was destroyed and only Noah lived, being seen as perfect. But now evil is very common and great and we all originated from Noah’s household! O Holy Jesus! Save us! Every man needs Jesus! Evil refuses to cease even after that wicked generation was destroyed. God foresaw that the evil will not cease. He knew He would be grieved again. That is why He made a covenant of Rainbow as a reminder that He wouldn’t destroy the world again. If God never anticipated another world of evil He would not set the rainbow in the sky so that when He is about to destroy the world again He would just see it and pardon. God knew that evil wouldn’t cease. He knew even the generations that would spread and multiply through Noah would still be of Adam’s cursed status –sold to sin.
                   On the other hand, Noah was already walking with God but he sinned. Even so called believers can err. David was already a man after God’s earth but he sinned. Aaron was already a priest of God before he made the calf, by the people’s earnest request though.
We must not forget the rule of love. Love is golden. It is the fruit of the Spirit. It requires understanding of this fact: even believers can err. And God will forgive them still because we have an advocate with the Father. By the grace that we obtain in Christ, we are not going to be subject to sin. But we die daily. We can at some point exhibit humanness. If we want to cope with complexities in the church we must never forget this fact. Noah and David are examples. Perhaps I should say that even after Paul had been sworn to Christ he still had to rely on the grace being supplied for him to do all things righteous. He was swift to speak. That is why he abused a high priest without knowing. Yes, he quickly corrected himself and said that the ministers shouldn’t be abused because of God’s anointing, a reason why David never touched Saul. The high priest commanded someone to slap Apostle Paul. The Apostle couldn't turn the other cheek. Who can, literally? He called the priest "white head" and cursed him (Acts 23:1-5). The question is if it had not been a Levite or priest would he have abused him like that and not say sorry. And then our words must be seasoned with salt?
If Paul at that point had spoken in the full operation of the Spirit there would be no need to say sorry. But it was flesh that reacted so fast. Who says at times that so called brother, sister, elder, deacon, deaconess, pastor, Bishop, Reverend or General Overseer can never exhibit flesh reaction at some points? You and I had better get this fact registered within us that even believers can offend believers. We must learn to forgive. That is the sweet thing about Christianity. First, we have assurance of forgiveness. Second, we practice of forgiveness. Hallelujah! Jesus is sweet.
I do hope that we can begin to look at everyone with love. I hope that this understanding will let us practice forgiveness better. Then we can be able to accept the babes and forgive the grown. Our Church must grow in grace and in love towards one another. Love works best when there is no contempt. To expunge contempt, we must know that even the destruction of the whole world didn’t destroy evil and sin. If flesh manifestation is straight out of salvation package then we would not have an advocate in heaven. In other words, do not commit suicide because your pastor offended you, do not leave the church. You actually have offended many in the church who have chosen to forgive you and overlook your weakness with the hope that you will obtain grace to outgrow that particular weakness. And if you have done that, someone else might not have.
I love you. Why won’t I. My God loves you dearly. What He loves, I cannot dare to not love. That is why even sinners I cannot hate because he loves to save them. Hallelujah!
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