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The only way to enjoy peace despite complexities of self, of others or of life is to accept Jesus and surrender to Him –He is the Prince of Peace. I love this song: My life time, I will give God my life time. My life time, I will give God my life time. When I give God my life time He will take care of me; He will never, never let me down. I will give God my life time.
Since the consumption of the forbidden fruit every individual is capable of upholding a school of thought whether he or she originate it or not. God called to Adam and asked them what had happened in the garden.
Gen 3:11  And he said, Who told thee that thou wast naked? Hast thou eaten of the tree, whereof I commanded thee that thou shouldest not eat? 
Gen 3:12  And the man said, The woman whom thou gavest to be with me, she gave me of the tree, and I did eat. 
Gen 3:13  And the LORD God said unto the woman, What is this that thou hast done? And the woman said, The serpent beguiled me, and I did eat. 
Gen 3:14  And the LORD God said unto the serpent,

From this text we can see that in Adam’s argument, God and Eve are to blame. His own school of thought is clear. Adam proposed that anyone who caused someone faithful to err should be blame. Well, His point is accepted. Such a stumbling block is to blame. But the fact that a sinner enticed a son does not acquit the son if he really consented. He is equally to blame. Eve in her argument uphold Adam’s propositions. And it is the serpent or God that created it that should take the blame. There is rarely anyone in his own view who will be wrong. Should the one who is a victim of corrupt friend be blame?
Anyway, it is now done. They are now gods. They have great knowledge now. Both of them can now think and determine what is good and what is bad. It is in that sense that it is possible for someone without Christ, rarely though, to be moral, doing the right and therefore, righteous to an extent in all filthiness still. But no one without Jesus Christ or the grace of God in Jesus can attain holiness or acceptable righteousness.
In the church, as a universal body complexities have dealt deep. The one knows one truth from The Holy Book. The other knows another and different truth from the same Holy Book. The one claims that the other has interpreted the scripture with the flesh. O Holy Spirit! The other mocks the one for being crude, unlearned and static. And the one is proud to be called static in so far she is firm and established in the true word of God. O Holy Jesus!
On tithing, offertory, riches, poverty, humility, women leadership, miracle, trinity, baptism, marriage, beauty, jewelry, festivals, meat and days of worship there are variations. On time management, covering of hair, on fasting, wearing of jeans by men, on dancing and possessing television there are varieties of beliefs. On ceremony or celebration or merriment; on burial and on the Holy Spirit infilling there are schools of thought from ‘whatever’ is true. On prayers, speaking in tongue, the Lord’s Supper, garment, myrrh, on discipline, on music, on marriage, on reading books, on professions fitting for saints, on heaven and hell, judgment and pardon and forgiveness and punishment; on science and technology, on using phones, the internet and O my Jesus Christ! The list is just long! On theology, on years to spend as a learner in order to become a minister, on birth control, evangelism, dressing, trousers, mode of worship, instrument usage, dealings with others, love feasts, ministry, family structure, politics and very many we have we different thoughts. Some agree on some things and disagree on other things. Some do not even want to believe that there can be a common ground with any other church or denomination apart from theirs. O Holy Spirit –the One Spirit of our baptism! Complexities indeed! A great complexity still exists. That is complexities within a unit and a denomination. That is, being in a church that upholds a school of thought that one does not agree with. That is, being in confliction with the school of thought that we have been part of and becoming rebellious. O Holy Jesus! That is, being in disagreement with members of the same fold.
A greater complexity still exists. That is the one internal; it is the conflict within every individual. This one often finds expression in us. We agree with a school of thought but we do contrary to its concepts. Well, there was a tree. It would grant man the ability to know and do evil as well as the ability to know and do good. What a complexity that is. And Adam and Eve ate of the fruit of that tree.
We must know that since the consumption of the forbidden fruit, every man is a complex entity. And there can be conflicts within an individual. Then as love, rule commands us forebear; to expect all things. We must upon knowing that we are individually complex beings, try to understand the possibility of complexities among us. When we gather complex things together we have complexities. Some would say let us call fire on them as Elijah did. Let God of Elijah send down fire! Glory! Those like Peter will just cut the ear of a priest’s servant. No story! Some will not believe some things as one wouldn’t believe that Christ was risen from death. Some, like two disciples, would like to be chiefs above others. And then some would be like Peter. Apostle Peter, a core shepherd of the Church, full of the Holy Ghost would eat with the uncircumcised and later withdraw because some people who uphold a different belief arrived. It is all there then! Of a Church like unto the Corinthians, Some would say they are of Apollo, some would be of Cepha; some of Paul and some of Christ. Different schools of thought! Different factions in the same fold or denomination or association! Different followership! It is new! In the Book of Acts, the converts grumbled. The Jewish converts thought they were better. There was a need for deacons. Deacons emerged to handle the complexities in the church and get closer to the people. We must not ignore schools of thoughts and complexities. We cannot continue to fight because we’re different. We’re a family of God. We’re one of the Father, heirs in the Lord. Heirs with the Son! Hallelujah! Complexities among the Corinthians must be dealt with. The church had to remain a church. The Galatians must not be cast away because of the way they think, even if it is a foolish way.
The point we’re making is that we’re ever on earth, in Christ or not, going to be able to think, agree, suspend, or disagree or conclude on issues. We may disagree on something today. That does not mean the end. We can agree on it tomorrow. God bless Ogundolire Samuel, my roommate in the year 3 in UNILAG. He would pray in tongues and I would be angry within me. I felt it was all rubbish. We argued. I always wanted to convince him to stop. God bless Pastor Mustapha of RCF that session. He was also my roommate then. He wouldn’t argue too much. Then after a while, in a prayer meeting at GSF I got to speak and pray in tongues. There is a sister in GSF at a time that would laugh at such. She hated it. At a retreat for the executives for that session she told us she’d never speak in tongue. It’s like we’re mad people. Glory to God! She said they’d think an evil spirit had possessed her from campus if she tried that at home. We disagreed. We didn’t argue. We were one family. God’s Sweet Family is our alias. But she became empowered and later agreed with us. In fact, she’s truly enabled.
I went to a church one day, the minister mentioned a brother of that church that had been exposed to Living Faith and another exposed to RCCG. The minister and other church members, in a sermon began to pity and at the same time mock the brothers. It was all because of speaking in tongues. But it was all because of school of thoughts.
How can we cope with complexities within us, within a fold or a church or within a denomination or in the general body of Christ? To respond to that question we must be able to sincerely agree on some facts about every man. Let us agree on these facts below.
1.   Every individual is a complex entity.
2.   Every group of gathering is a union of complex being and as a result is truly of complexities.
3.   Complexities and school of thoughts and differences; agreeing and disagreeing; confliction and surprises are not new.
4.   That we disagree today does not mean we won’t agree tomorrow either on the same thing or on other things.
If we can, first of all, get these facts printed on our minds then we will be able to relate together, study together and gradually in love reason together scripturally.
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Tolerance is not a death. And it doesn’t have to be a compromise. It is just often necessary, for and always for a period of time. We don’t have to lose our stand if we’re convinced it is the truth. If we know that a babe in Christ has been misinformed and the babe is so brainwashed or indoctrinated that he or she can respond violently against any contrary opinion to what she believed we can just tolerate such. And we will keep praying. We will win such a person with love. Love is a greatest weapon. It can heal and it can also bruise. Love has a sharp edge, offensive against the enemies of the beloved. God will not take it lightly on anyone who misled the children He pays dearly to save. For no selfish or material reason should we over sweeten then truth.
Any school of thought against the truth of Christ in the scripture is of the serpent. Such is not beneficial, enlightening or glorifying. Such will destroy and lead one against God almighty and to hell. It is of the thief who has come to steal like he stole from Eve and Adam; to kill as he got them killed and to destroy as he got human’s originality destroyed. Thank God for Christ who restores.
We must test all spirits. We must follow the scriptures and hold fast what has been handed over on to us by the fathers as it is in the Holy Bible. God’s word says the tree contains what is not good. Satan, in the serpent says it is not going to cause death but will make them gods and wise. Destructive and deadly and antichrist schools of thoughts are often sweet and pleasant. Be careful! Be watchful! Check the word of God!
In this chapter, we have tried to ascertain that complexity is not something strange or something that can never manifest within an individual or within a group. It is something we need to deal with. The complexity we have looked at in this chapter is the schools of thought and every human’s capability to uphold a school of thought. Schools of thought exist in the church or among denominations. Our overall interest is how to bridge and not divide. In fact, some are already of the opinion that bridging can never work. And imagine, I am of the belief that it is possible. Actually, there’s a time when the whole world will be against anyone who uphold the Name of Christ and does not fly up during rapture. If not until then, then at that time such believers of Christ will know that they are of Christ; that Jesus Christ is their common ground. They will not even have any pride to defend denominational grounds. God willing, I won’t be part of those. But it is better for us to unite. We will really conquer lands and more lands if the folds of Judah can say to another tribe, still of Israel, “follow me, help and let fight this battle as brethren.” Christ is greater than schools of thought. The Bible is greater than any intellect or Philosophy. God will help us!  
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I do hope that at this point, even from this Chapter two, bridging will work in different churches. Amen!
Eric WordSmith
The Favoured WordSmith (TFW)

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