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My name is Samuel Olatoye Oladimeji; Eric WordSmith, the son of Isaiah and Kabirat Kuye. My paternal grandfather was a core traditionalist but also confessedly a believer for he was (Samuel) Olatoye Kuye, no wonder I am avowed to Christ. And I should be Samuel Olatoye Kuye II except that Pa S.O.K. didn’t create a Kuye Dynasty. If he did, I’d have enjoyed what stories would be told of the truce and the conflict between My cousin, Michael Olatoye Kuye and me. The truce will be very likely, for we deal fondly –all of us, Kuyes do. My grandfather was fearless and a kind of a Renaissance Man –a herbalist, a carpenter, a farmer, an elder and a chief of a kind. I heard he married a witch willingly, knowingly against all warnings. My maternal grandfather was a farmer, no wonder I liked farming. I knew him. I played with him. I followed him to the farm. I listened to his stories. And he loved me tangibly as when the invisible air could be housed in a container to get of visible form. He loved me as his first grandson –the only one he lived to see. I grew up… no, let me not at this time tell you too much than my love story lest my story, a faction should become memoir devoid or aesthetic values befitting the Art.
My love story began in year 2006. Although the love has not died, the story actually ended. And you will know at the end when it ended. I will also tell you my luxuria escapades that predated my love story.
I believe that lying is a sin and as a sin it will lead to hell. But if I tell you in my love story, my journey unto mountains and rivers that will never be discovered in your world except in that of my story; if I tell you of my birds and pets, of battles at Palantus and what demons tried to do to thwart my love and my battle with them and several artistic truths do not think I have lied. An artist in his creativity is never a liar. The God of storytelling Himself created worlds we almost do not know are not in history. I can tell us that the story of the ten virgins is very exciting with its didacticism. And there’s a Lazarus that lodges honourably with Abraham in heaven. Many parables told our Lord, including that of the prodigal son. Prophet Nathan tells David of two men and their sheep before telling him of God’s verdict. O servants of God are divine artist. In prophecies and visions the see beyond worlds we could grasp and beyond the bounds of time, past and future. Fantasy is no lie, it is art and it is artisising. We should love fantasy and know we do. I do believe that a story too loyal to reality is no art, it’s sheer a memoir or sheer seduction of a sect or cult of the audience. The artist remains an artist; the work will still be called an artwork. But at its best, an art should include aesthetic glorying; and a faction is a glorification of facts with fiction. Art must artisise. So, since My Love Story is not a memoir I trust that we will know and enjoy my adventures that will be told in this true life story.

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