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» » » » » » » Bailing the Belial

The fruitfulness of Benjamin is second to none
Four sons for Reuben the eldest
Ten were sons of Benjamin the last son
But the choicest soon became least and weakest
And when there’s no king there’s no law but anarchy
A beautiful woman’s raped to death
It’s a trauma to the husband who wants justice in anarchy
And Benjamin draws out swords from sheath
Ready to combat eleven brothers
Just to shield some death-worthy criminals
War broke out and brothers slaughter brothers
Benjamin’s first victory soon became songs of woes

Oh what Christ does for humanity
When judgement was wanted by the Jews
When justice was suggested by Pilate
And people shouted with excitement
To shield a criminal, a murderer
And deny the innocent, a saviour.
Barabbas so Belial, Son of Man so tender
And Benjamin is part of Jews
And again they’ve chosen the Belial.
But Christ goes to no war,
He suffers it alone
Shame, spitting and beating
And crucifixion and all
But He forgives them all
He prays for them all
He wants to save all.
He endures for all
He dies for all
Jesus I love you …
Yours I am
Yours I want to be
Do with me whatsoever you will.

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