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Where’s Rehoboth and where’s Bethel?
I walked through jungles
I saw rabbit;
I saw antelopes,
beautiful, galloping,
But they soon waste as carcasses
left by wolves and cats
The jungle is full of battle and blood,
I couldn’t stay.
African Lion, Lion, Male, Mane, Lazy
Where’s Rehoboth and where’s Bethel?
I stood by different shores
I saw dolphins,
I saw fishes,
beautiful, swimming
But soon perished
into the belly of the shark
The ocean is full of battle and blood,
I couldn’t stay.
Jellyfish, Under Water, Sea, Ocean
Where’s Rehoboth and where’s Bethel?
Now, among men I think I can rest
Alas! The humanist kings and princes wear crowns of skull
Alas! My brother, Justice is dying of hunger in its deserted honesty
My uncle, Heritage-Naboth has been betrayed by the people,
And My Sister, Family has been sold for sugarcane price
Alas! I’m wailing and weeping and none seems to see me
Some praise the princes as last game for prizes
And those unlucky now sing curses and complaints
Those with seeds have their lots on sterile soils
And those with fertile fields fear feudal looters
Where is Rehoboth and where is Bethel?
Confusion, desperation beckon division
The scale of Justice has lost its balance and swords are stolen
Limbs bud wings and skin buds feathers
If the earth has no Rehoboth will the sky cloud a Bethel?
Where is Rehoboth where is Bethel?

Who cares if such place remains on earth?

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