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» » » » » » » » » » » » » » » » » » OLORUN MI O by Samuel O. Kuye

Song title:        OLORUN MI O
 © Samuel O. Kuye 2016
The Song: Key C
1.      Olorun-un mi o; Eledaa mi o (m: s: l:-:-: s: m:/ m: s: m:-:-: r: d: )
2.      Atobaa jaye; Mo f’opee fun O (l: d: m:-: r.d.r:/ m: s: l:-:-: s: m: )
3.      ’Tori Iwo ni o Atilehin mi.    (m: s: m:-: -: r: d:/ r: m: r:-:-: d: d: )

The song translates into English:
1.      Oh oh oh My God; m-y Cre-a-tor (m: s: l:-:-: s: m:/ m: s: m:-:-: r: d: )
2 .      The en-live-ner; I give thanks to you (l: d: m:-: r.d.r:/ m: s: l:-:-: s: m: ) 
3.   For You only are/ m-y supporter. (m: s: m:-: -: r: d:/ r: m: r:-:-: d: d: )

The first phrase is a declaration of someone’s knowledge and understanding of a deity and one’s submission to Him. ‘My God’ implies that despite collective worship He is known personally to the personage. In that sense, the worshiper revealed that he is allegiant to the Divine Being. My God is the Lord of my life. He is the one I must worship and obey. The next phrase, ‘My Creator’ strengthens the personage’s intended submission to His God.  It shows that the speaker acknowledges that the God he has chosen to worship deserves to be worshiped (by the speaker). Others may choose not to worship Him or perhaps not until they are forced to do so. But the speakers has gotten the understanding that his God is the owner of his life in the sense that that God is the one who created him. So, he worships the Originator of his life. He is certain that God deserves the praise. We must know that in this first line, there is the conveyance of compulsion or necessity. The first thing that matters is not that God does something for the worshiper but that God is God and God is the creator of the worshiper- God deserves to be worshiped without any other condition of trade by barter relationship.

In the second line, the psalmist shows that God is interesting.  He is worth being with. He is worth working and walking with in this life. God is worth staying with. He is not boring. He is not burdensome but sweet and pleasant to be with. It is goo to choose to enjoy life with God. This now show that God is not just worshiped in vain. The worshiper actually gains a lot from God. The result of this is the heart that is ready to thank God. So, the personage gives thanks to God. He is the God and the creator of the worshiper and as such He is the (Invaluable) supporter of the worshiper.
© Samuel O. Kuye 2016
KsooangHopeace (TFW; TER)

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