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The Sun, Way, Street, Man
26. If thou are Sure of
If thou are sure of a way
If thou hope in a day
When good will come
Why desert your fellow sufferers
And run to a world where heroes past paid price
Of sufferings?
Who’s lost to the face of fate
Except the one who left his huts unroofed
And took shelter in neighbour’s quarters?
                        At Home

27. Hope isn’t Stationary
Hope isn’t stationary
It works for bones and fresh
And waits for divine gift of breath
Hope doesn’t wait for the summit of suffering
It searches for ways to survive all oddities of shame
Hope works and walks for bettering the jungles
It doesn’t die in doom
It’s the murmurer not the stammerer
Not the stayer or the runner but the loser
That’s lost sight of hope

28. let thy home be honoured
the truth for Mercury’s respect as first
and filling paths fast around light and life
with microscope to rank beyond lowlife
is not the vision and passion athirst
but in racing headfirst and not feetfirst
choosing greatness of home with humble life
not fleeing from Oedipus fate of cursed-life
rude to gods in cursed pride of filial thirst
let Mercury run slow and steady best
and pant less on his slowness of smallness
for it’s blessed with flows from fountain of light
close to Mecrury’s homeliness to test
the honour of that which gathers wellness
and time ranks thee with telescope of might

                                    Close to home

30. Telescope of Wishes
Telescope of wishes in Mercury’s hand-too-red
Yet not bloody,
Too fast yet not full,
Too close to sources yet ever small in riches,
Too intelligent yet uncurious,
Since its eyes of ambition are dimmed
And the head for reason is cracked
In the sentiments of the hearts’ egoism
That failed in filling the fire of nesting the world;
That wasted in fuelling the fire of broken bowls of blessings,
That are scattered across lands, rivers and skies;
That are needed by peoples in places
That nestled in trade and love,
That gained what’s missing after giving what’s owned.
Since it’s afraid, or too loving of home to peep afar,
Then wonders of distance missing in nearness,
Revealed by the telescope of wisdom
Will waste as mere wishes never married with life.


31. Wanderers’ Curse
wanderers’ curse of lacking
in love and life of honour
for their heaven and huts;

bearing blessings of Cain world over
wanderers’ curse of forgetting
that no runner’s house’s set for banquet
of ancestors, elders and babes
who are dignitaries to the unborn;
wanderers’ curse of filialness to aliens
who built and keep building their worlds;
wanderers’ curse to disregard
that lands be desolate upon people’s deserting,
that conquerors invade and spoil upon warriors’ deserting,
and no hope’s left, if wanderers’ campaign be spread
for the immobile shall be expendable
and wanderers’ shame shall make them ever unreturning

            Not wandering.

31. we aren’t all climbers at harvest of fruits
we aren’t all climbers at harvest of fruits,
the ants, the bees, the birds, and quick lizards
shall help no basket but shall wrought hazards
by wasting and poisoning the air and fruits
yet baskets and bellies are big for fruits,
for fear of evils we forbade wizards
and we want no droppings by strange blizzards
yet you and ewes in yards want foods and fruits
but monkeyed males and maidens must climb high
and play on branches while they do plucking
and gatherers eyeing, shall run fast and far
            unburdening climbers mayn’t come from on high
but baskets, barns and bellies while marking
shall praise all, plus wandering climbers afar
Hopeace, From on high
            And far away, Unburdening,

            Deserving praise

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