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Umbrella, Rain, Red, Weather

22. OGUN
When the peace of gods must come to earth
As a fourth Republic for the people’s hearts
Ogun was the Osin of the Imoles
Making the paths for the gods to descend
Then Osun from the valley
And Oya from the hills loved and married him.
And Ire, his son would rule a great people
Ogun fought lands and protected people
In the Party’s People’s Democratic’s patriotism
But he’s given to golden palm wine
And robust yams and fat dogs
But no god’s bad but flawed for heroism
Ogun’s rage riding on his pride for 16 years
Began to lose the heart of Osun
And Oya up above began to trade her heart
And he lost both sides to a god on fire
And Ogun in his democratic warrior pride
Returned to sheath at Ire Ekiti
And Elepe doused Ogun’s rage
But Elepe’s best to tell Ire stories of Ogun’s misery
Without a face sight to Ire the king.
And Ogun at Ire Ekiti disappeared in 2015
If people called him to help he’d return
Ekiti where Fayose governs is where Ogun dug
But they’ve not called him and they may
            Homely Ksooang
23. OYA
Her hearts is human and windy but stable
Until Ogun deserted her
Her hearts is animal and tornadic but tranquil
Until Ogun deserted her
Then she wandered to Arona and Osoosi
She wandered to Olokun and loved them
And had children with them but they tore her heart
What wronged her that she’s ever stormy?
The Partying of Democratic Peoples hurt her
And only thunder could best her storm
And since her hearts flowed like a River Niger
Only Osun would be her best sisterly rival
And Sango’s virility in his thunderous manning promises
Made Oya’s hearts stable awhile without any wifely rites paid
And her joy her fertility her twins
But Sango would still go to Nupe
Choosing his magical motherland’s to visit
And led her through Ira’s confusion
She would part with Sango again, and smear his Edun Ara
Poor Oya with ever windy hearts
How hath thy tornadoes been doused?
And you’d suffered in these gods’ Parties
And their attractive Polity
Will you return to Ire Ekiti where Ogun remained grounded?

Iran, Broom, Tiles, Dust, Clean
After long wandering and trying times
This god gathered powers to march onward Asorock in 2015
As when Ife and Ijebu allied against Owu
For a Congress for All Progessives
Sango Jakuta, fighter of stones
Osun’s cooking delighted his fire heart
But he’s affiliated to Oya
And then alienated to Osun and Oba
What then is this Congress for Progressives of All?
Sango’s taken Oya from Ogun
But Oya’s hearts’ too torn to be too trusting
When you’d dissevered Timi from Gbonka
When thou failed to destroy the people’s warrior,
When Oya’s bloods had stained thy Edun Ara
When thou would run to Nupe
When Oya still kept faith in your fate
When the promised rain refused to rain right fast
What could Oya’s storm and thy thunder do?
Whether thou hanged or vanished into the sky
Oya’s hearts had been torn again
But part of her still kept hope in your fate
And Ogun’s waiting for Oya’s hearts’ return
And Osun may follow her rival to Ire Ekiti
But part of her still kept hope in your dreams
                                    Home happenings
Taiwan, Sky, A Surname, Mountain, Miscanthus, Clouds

25. Till All Lives be Late
Till all lives be late
Till all cosmos be waste
Till then, Lose no sight of thy crate
Of sun and earth awake
Or moon asleep with open eyes
Or stars winking with bright eyes

Till all lives be late
Till all cosmos be waste
Till then, Lose no grasp on the great
Ones that lived and died
Or the great minds that hoped and worked
Or the young minds that hoped and wanted

Till all lives be late
Till all cosmos be waste
Till then, Lose no heart to the face of fate
Of Faustus or Oedipus but keep rising
On the wings of eagles and
On the eyes of goodwill, sure of a way

Whether Ogun or Sango betrayed Oya
What matters is that Oya and Osun and Oba are
Waters and whether waters rival one another
Waters’ of Life worth even beyond life

                        Hopeace, Positive
Space, Galaxy, Universe, Cosmos, Tree

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