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British Virgin Islands, Overseas, Island


The Olympiads ne’er lack ambrosia at Olympus
And Sango ne’er lack orogbo in Oyo
Ogun ne’er lack palm wine too
Zeus has his thunderbolt
Sango has his Ose-Sango
Ogun has his axe
Heracles has his feats, Achilles his feats
Oduduwa his feats, Ogedengbe his feats,
Soun his feats, Lisabi his feats,
Jogunomi his feats, Agbekoyi his feats,
King David his feats, Samson his feats
And I have known Christ in His feats and might
To save humanity from the plight
But all these in their demesne never bow
And no treason they ever allow
Never covet afield to stay or wane
But to conquer, control and to reign
And all know troubles with torment
But they live and never relent
All know betrayals and sorrow
Yet they never stop to hallow
The lands of their ancestors
Though they traded at the shores
Though they covet wealth of lands
Though they progress their bands
Though they journey to befriend or besiege or retreat
Though they fail in defeat
They never curse their land
They never stop to rebrand
The field of their ancestors
For joy or sorrows on foreign course

But what are these hearts
That for joy or sorrow,
For hell or death and for rape or torture
Would sell their heads
For a ride to see and stay
In a land far from home
From where they return to gloat
And curse their lands
Though I go or stay
I’ll hallow my home
To not go isn’t misery and to go isn’t fortune
But to live and have lived and to have achieved,
And make men merry and smile,
And the land richer, the field greener,
That is fortune.
                                                                        Yours sincerely
                                                                        At Home.

You sure said well, patriot
The Olympiads never lack ambrosia
If they lacked they’d vacate Olympus
Sango never lacked orogbo in Oyo
If he lacked he’d vacate Oyo
And all those one in their feats
Are the ones called to plant
For the throne alone with its crown is their prize
And the price for that is their feats
For which the people followed them
In wars they fought
In famine they hunger together with the land
And their people meet them in feast or fear
Their greed for the throne is their lot
And the respect as the royals is their joy
For each is immersed in the pride of fame
And the hubris of the crown
And throne and power and praises
But the people are not so
They people are the sheep
And all that matters is green grass
And comfort waters wherever they can get them.
                                                                        Yours truthfully


British Virgin Islands, Overseas, Island

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Samuel Oladimeji Kuye said...

Ksooang, at home, thinks it's useless and senseless to escape abroad but his friend, Hopeace, overthere disagrees. The argumentation continues. Your views are respected. To what extent is the flight abroad a measure of fortune?

caleb said...

Let everyone go to where there is greener pasture but respect and pray for his home

Samuel Oladimeji Kuye said...

Okay, what about running away.

Temidayo Emmanuel said...

Hmmm. This poser placed me in a dilemma corner... Fate differs, Abraham was called out at a point in his life, Isaac was forbidden not to leave his land during famine. Leaving or not leaving, fate has the mandate.

Samuel Oladimeji Kuye said...

Sir Emmanuel and Sir Caleb sure have objective attitude. Fate becomes another issue (Emmanuel) and free will another (Caleb). Let's follow their next argument.

Gbenga Akinlere said...

What I believe is that travelling abroad does not automatically makes one's life goes broader and so also is staying in one's local environment does not makes one a local being... The best is just to know the place to be per time... If I am not needed in Nigeria, then, I should have been given birth to in another country