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Levantado, Beach, Caribbean, Overseas

‘‘Ibi ori dani si la n gbe’’
Our fathers told us.
One’s head’s landing spot
Is one’s dwelling place
In the journey of life.
One whose buttock is outside
And facing inside,
Pours from his manhood and member,
The waste waters of salt,
Such is a bastard who
Turns his habitation to a waste bin.
To such will homestead be empty
For in turning his back on his home,
Facing outside,
Pours from his manhood and member,
The seminal waters of life,
Having been adulterous with Jezebels,
Choosing to script the ebb of his home.
Oh holy Olodumare
Let there be light.
At Home.

Ibi ori dani si la n gbe?
You learnt well from elders then,
That where one is created is where one must stay.
But soul brother, why must you forget elders also say
Ori lo mo ibi ese n re?
They meant that the Head knows where the Legs are heading.
They also say
Ori wo ibi rere sinmi de; Ese wo ibi rere sinmi re;
Do you know with that chant they worship the head and legs
To search and lead them to the land of good?
You have supposed that all that go away from home
Desert home and marry strange lands.
But know that many must go to gather
Fruits of other lands, and bring home,
To plant and to feed.
And gods delight in their heroic flight
When home is being ravened by greedy stupid soul brothers
Who temper and corrupt Erinyes against the innocent.
Of what honour is a patriotic home-god
Who, being turned to terrific titan, by regrets
And frustration from failures and disappointments,
Join the staging of the ebb of his home?
                                                                   Yours friendly,

British Virgin Islands, Overseas, Island

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