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Please pretend
you love me.
That’s the point
but let me pretend to run from the point
and talk about
Dolly’s two lovers.
One’s good,
one’s bad and both are the same
and she loves
them both the same.
Loving the
unlovable can start with a pretence.
I saw, I read, I
People saying
“don’t pretend
to be someone you’re not”
People say ‘be
People say ‘just
be real’
And for real
I agree
That it’s good
To be real.
But some believe
a modicum of pretence is often needed to move along.

A lady may let a
guy in on a date even if she’s yet to love him.
He keeps coming,
they keep dating,
she keeps
smiling, faking, letting him in until she’s finally in love.
I love you but I
hate who you are.
You love me but
you hate what I am.
I don’t like
your people and you hate my people.
Please pretend
you love me and I’ll do the same.
There’s no fake
love but if modification of hatred is
Then let there
be an enduring pretentious love.
You’re a
Catholic or Anglican or Methodist or Baptist
And I belong to
those who call themselves Pentecostal
And those ones
are called Celestial or C and S
And some are the
Seventh Day Adventists
And we’re
divided because of differences in the way we view the truth.
Just don’t hate
me. Please, pretend you love me.
I’m a Christian,
you’re a Muslim and we have differences on parallel lines.
You hate that I
speak of sonship and I don’t like being a slave
I say Jesus is
Lord, you think he’s just a prophet and then we disagree strongly
And we tend to
hate each other
But in the core
of the creed
that every
religion crafted for its protection and pride
 is a message of peace and love,
 no matter how brief, ambivalent or vague, that
message is just there.
Now we must know
pretence isn’t hypocrisy.
Hypocrisy is
fluctuating between two conflicting doctrines.
So if we can
make tribal difference,
and all forms of
hatred to be reactants
and if
pretentious love becomes the product,
if our
relationship isn’t a physical but chemical reaction,
if the love,
fake or not, can last long
that’s no
or that’s godly
I didn’t say
don’t preach or talk Jesus
I didn’t say
don’t preach or talk Islam
I didn’t say
deny or forsake God.

But always let
me know that the choice is mine.
And the love
between us remains a cord unbroken.
Alasela Saidi is
my friend.
He was my
roommate for a session.
By 6 in the
evening if I’m still in the room he’d ask,
‘Sam, aren’t you
late for fellowship aren’t you going?’
and during the
fasting I’d wake him up at dawn.
That’s all
pretence, I guess.
That’s all love,
I think.
But that’s all
tolerance, I know.
I’m Yoruba,
you’re hausa
and he’s Igbo
and they, other,
and we’re told
and we read
hurting history
of horrors and hatred
and errors of
hostility of our ancestors
and resentment
rings revenge in our veins
and we feel the
and we want to
But my heart
and your heart,
our hearts,
 can heave healing hopes of harmony
through the
arteries to the body so that we can love,
or just have
enduring pretentious love, tolerance.
And when you’re
hundred and I’m ninety five
you may tell me
you hate me and I’ll tell you I never liked you.
But at that
time, one thing’s for certain,
we’d smile about
because we’d
that our
differences never hinder us from being humans
or living as
that our
feelings didn’t bury our thinking
and our emotions
didn’t misguide our actions.
We’d realise
that for the sake of peace and progress,
for the sake of
a legacy of unity and continuity of humanity,
our love isn’t
fake but rather it’s tolerance.
So, love me or
pretend that you love me. Love is the anchor of peace.

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