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Change comes not simply with peace but simply for peace
Even if it seems not truly for peace.
I remember the love we had for what we used to be.
Our fathers built houses with sticks or red clay
And they made roof with palm fronds
And at nights they would put oil in an earthen bowl
And then soaked in a line of wool with a tip for dark light.
I remember the pride in potions for perishing children
Who were victims of ignorance of genotype or compatibility.
I remember the three stones set to make fire
And how eyes would cry and smoke would spread.
I remember women used to value
Only in the volume of protrusion at their hips and chests
And the sprout in their womb
With the cries that arrived from in between their hips
Rather than in the volume of blessings in body and brain.
Then change came when those people came.
They came and our fathers and mothers
Thought those ones would bring malediction to our ways.
They came and caused some conflict.
Achebe said they came
and Things Fall Apart.
Ola Rotimi showed that they visited Nogbaisi
And then things fell apart
They visited Jaja of Opobo
And things fell apart
Yes, things really fell apart
Because we lost the grip of the sands of our streams
As our palms with resistance opened
To collect the sands of their seas.
I then know that conflict isn’t uncommon in the foundation of change.
Change came to stay
And now we have bricks and blocks;
It came to stay
And now we have electricity in place of palm oil;
It came to stay
And now lovers of AS genotye can get a glimpse into the future;
It came to stay
And now change-minded women, unlike Nnu Ego
Now valued more than protrusion and procreation;
It came to stay
And madam Patience rather than stay behind a successful man
Would come boldly to the public and speak some lines
To the face of the people and the intelligentsia of a whole nation state.
When change came
Our fathers didn’t see that our world would gain-
Would really gain-
Would really gain to read and write
To defend our history long offended
And that in future we can move faster with cars than with legs.
So, they resisted.
They resisted because the price of change
Is the pain of losing what we have.
But change when favoured by Chronos, Janus or Tzeencth
Or when favoured by the Almighty God, in time
Will become unstoppable.
Only Time can stop or change change
But that’s only when change’s really changed things
For better or worse.
The change that took over from guns in 1999
Must now hand over to the change of NOW.
And now that it’s time of change for change
Disruption may be faster
Opposition may be fiercer
Corruption may be unyielding
Confusion may be unyielding
But I know that though
There may be conflict
There may be pain
There may be disruption
There may be corruption
There may be confusion
There may be disappointment
And there may be delay
In the tangibility of the constructions of change
In the end, we will never remain the same
Change’s come, whether we wanted it or thought it’s a trial
Oh that the government can be clear on timely information with explanation,
Oh that the change can be faster in action,
Oh that the fans of the ruling ones can be cautious in their satisfaction,
Oh that the opposition can be wiser in their passion,
Oh that the critics can be unbiased in their argumentation!
Then after all the blames and regrets
Or resulting celebration or dissatisfaction
With the natural choice or the ‘however victory’ of change
We’ll tell the story of the change of Now
To a future gift of the race of time.
Change was and now change is
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