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Don Juan Olokun
In search for his mermaid
Olokun humbled before mockingbirds
And they plunged deep ni into his groove
And they pegged their hollow sticks
Deep the earthen flesh of his daugthers.
He’d mated all mates but his ’maid
Whose bosom bemoans in dreamland.
Then he doodled games of blood
On his fields of Lagoon and Deltas
Bosomy befriended mockingbirds to gain his love
Slimy raided to force his love
And cleavages of doom enticed him
Bosomy of the farms and slimy of markets
He loved the passion of threesome
But the slimy to secede
The bosomy for polygamy
Olokun has loved and loved
And he watched and watched
The death dance of avarice.
The seeker Olokun
Tres Compos mentis
Don Juan
Pitchforked into slavery
Pitchforked into bloodbath
With Uteri drumming to his manhood
And the sons and daughters
Now a council to get a crown prince
After true crown prince perished in heaven
For his crown princess was taken by Olokun
And devoured into emptiness
Bossom devoured
Valley quaked
The council of children bound to gambling
And a Cyprian bard
Of a mistress-Minx patron
Was chosen this day
But the Missile Mirror
Of Olokun flies in quandary
Sure, Mermaid still missing.
No, not missing!
Olokun has loved many maids
Olokun’s never got his mermaid
And the Cyprian bard
Full of sex appeal-isms
Will blow Olokun skilfully
Till he drains
Into her mistress-minx patron’s mouths.

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