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The ancestors in heavens
The unborn in the loins
The deaths in the shadows
The magic in the spells
The thoughts in the grave
The peace in the utopia
Can ne’er be raided with rebels

It’s the natural haven
From the fires burning in the heart
From the flood running in the mind
From indigestion and constipation
From the force of grimace
It’s the safety from horror
It has its horrors sealed
In breeding with the lioness fierceness
Against the rape by savages
Against all entries unchecked

Settle in the haven
And see the ancestors chanting in the heavens
Hear the unborn singing in the loins
See the deaths dancing in the shadows
Feel the magic burning in the spells
Know the thoughts at the depth of the graves
And feel
The touch of nature
The grip of pleasure
Care not of raiders and rebels
It’s safe..haven

But if you unleash its horrors
You’ll feel
The claws of the cats
The bites of the snakes
The wrath of the virus and
The terror of the sleep

But if you
Follow the paths and orders
You’ll know..
It’s the natural haven
The pink fleshy valley of pleasure and
The red haven of –

The treasures of life.

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