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Prospect is what we prayed for
Fortune we hoped for
And riches are guaranteed for
The treasures of the land
Of my blessed husband
Make my hope audible,
Visible, touchable, and livable,
And he being a prince,
From the lineage of giants
Who reached the heavens on eagle’s wings

And Olympus on horse’s strength
Makes my soul certain
Of fruits and feeds
And kola for our cultures
Palms to merry in abundance
Waters to luxuriate in progress
And rains for the earth
And the earth, so green
And the sun so shinning
For the plant
And the plant, to grow
For my seeds- my seeds
To breathe – to live.

Prospect is what we prayed for
Fortune we hoped for
And riches are guaranteed for
I looked into the past
And I saw glory, past but great.
I saw that glory!
And then night delayed too longer- too longer
For when I looked into the present
I saw past glory struggling to shine
Out of the thick mud and heavy cloud
Of the present
I saw past glory, darkened and naked.
Then I tried to look into the future
But the heavy cloud of the present
And darkness that coloured it
Make the bright future blurry
Yet I peeped longer
I saw the bright future dark and silent
But with hummings and murmurs of wishes
Of the hearts of the people

Prospect we prayed for
Fortune we hoped for
And riches… I saw, I saw great riches
Scattered by the ravens
But the future signalled a smile
And I wondered why…
Why ecstatic in darkness

Oh, I soon remembered
That one gift never escaped Pandora’s Box
That hope never dies,

Not even in death!

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