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» »Unlabelled » His Excellency, President Muhammadu Buhari once Replied Mr Donald Trump

One of those who aspire to lead the country that seeks to make peace with all countries as far as her relevance is not traded does not care about peace. That person is Mr Donald Trump and that country is the United States. Donald Trump’s electioneering has reflected his passion for the US including his obtuseness and arrogance. Trump had spoken words that displeased Mexicans. He had his arguments. He once had words versus the Pope. He had his arguments. At a time, he emitted his mind versus Islam. He had his points. On Israel, he had his words but later tried to retreat that. He had his arguments. He had spoken his mind versus NATO. He had his arguments. He is a presidential candidate and would not speak without a thinking moment. Many believed Mr Trump talk before he thinks. He always must have arguments at least with points that appeal to his person. Does he not think before he talks? Yes, he actually thinks before he talks. The case is about ‘what and how he thinks.’ ‘What and how he thinks’ is about who he is. ‘Who he is’ shows what he can or will do. Then, what he will do must surely have results- necessarily!

Mr Trump spoke his obtuse and arrogant, perhaps, honest, mind against Nigeria, fearlessly specifically. A lightning clap for him and whoever his Ahitophel might be! Mr Trump had asked where the government’s change is. Well, if he were so learned as a presidential candidate should be, he would have learnt that Nigeria does not operate a one party system. He would know that there are print and electronic media and that there are literates and critics in Nigeria. Nigeria has a constitution that protects the right of the people and they are free to think and talk, wisely, constructively and constitutionally rather than arrogantly or confusedly. Nigerians do not need him to supervise or assess our president. If it ever happened that we invited foreigners to observe and comment on our election he must know that Nigerians have minds to think and mouths to talk. We do not need any extra mouth or idle mouth to help us question our president.

He also took it personal that he made comments about the president of The Federal Republic of Nigeria. He said no sensible president travels around the globe while the nation is in mess. He would always have his point no matter how anserine his talks seem. If he were wise he would know that no child who is proud about his mother insults another person’s mother- when that person and his mother mind their business. What a display of infantile behaviour of a divested power-lust victim of avarice! He does not care whom he hurts and that’s a disease in any leader. Even Hitler made friends! He has shown himself to be a disfavoured Titan plagued with the blessing of Occasional Wisdom and vaporising restfulness such that he turned electioneering into intercontinental supervision.
The elected President of Nigeria had replied the potential president of the United States. The response is simply suggestive of hostility- a first launch followed by a requital, a requital followed by a re-launch and another requital, in that order, it never ends.  If there are citizens of the US in Nigeria and Nigerians in the US then a wise father whose children stay with a neighbour must not harm the neighbour’s children, not even for any reason or coconfidence. I do know that certain politicians of the US think Trump knows nothing about foreign policy. Those people must be thinkers. Actually, devils too think- of how to wreck the world. Give a clap to Trump for showing what a good child he has grown to become. In sum, no sensible presidential candidate diverts electioneering to intercontinental commentary.

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