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» »Unlabelled » Father Murdered Son for Being Gay

A man in Los Angeles allegedly murdered his son for being gay. CNN reported that Shehada Khalil Issa, 69, has threatened to kill his son, Amir Issa, several times and he finally did so. The son reportedly was shot outside the house and had multiple gunshot wounds. 
But Issa denied killing his son and wife. According to him, his wife’s bound was found dead in the bathroom and he had to shoot his Amir in self-defence because Amir threatened him with a knife.
Apparently, The US has not yet created a very tolerant world where sodomites can be free. Jim Key, the spokesman for LGBT in LA lamented that despite winning marriage equality the battle is not yet over as LGBT people can suffer violence and risk of murder even within their own family.

The law has recognised LGBT people in the US. In Democracy, as free and fair as it is in the US, many elected persons believed they are indebted to different categories of people who voted for them and must represent the interest of such people equally. If LGBT are part of such people then they should be represented as well. If Paedophiles, murders, cannibals and so forth are among such categories, why should they not be represented? Well, arguably, Paedophiles and the rest afflict others- that is the apologetic argument! Humans are not infallible. Democratic laws are human laws are should not be perfect for all (im)perfect people. In fact, at no point will any law in any type of government satisfy all citizens or residents of a country or any community. But can we continue to allow grant all demands of man because of humanism? Well, democracy cares not about sense and sensibilities or morality and immorality but absolutely, it cares about the majority. Majority, right or wrong, gets the treasure of the law. Words, being sense and essence of life, are used to create justifications and/or condemnations for anything allowed or disallowed in laws and societies. 

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