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» »Unlabelled » Donald Trump with other Republican Candidates and Hillary Clinton Assure Israel of Adequate Support at AIPAC

It turned out to be an invocation of the passion of Israel sympathisers or Israel-Jewish community as US Presidential candidates expressed their absolute support for Israel and protection from the Middle East enemy countries. While addressing the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) 2016 Policy Conference in Washington DC, March 21, 2016 Trump reaffirms his passion to protect Israel from the threats in the Middle East and especially from the Iran nuclear deal and UN. Donald Trump has always been clear about his passion for Israel. He is proud of Israel as the only stable Democratic State in the Middle East and would do more for Israel than anybody else. Truly, Trump has history of serving Israel’s interest. But Trump’s pro-Israel intention became ambivalent because of his statements on Jewish Campaign contributions and his plan on immigration and entry into the US. Many Jewish organisations did not support Trump’s proposal for ban on Muslims coming into the US. The Jerusalem Post, in a report entitled “Analysis: Donald Trump, Israel and the Jews,” on 28th Dec., 2015 suggested that Trump would not be the best choice to for America-Israeli relations after Obama.
According to New York Times, Clinton and Trump have different views on how to stand by Israel. Mrs Clinton boldly said “We need steady hands, not a president who says he’s neutral on Monday, pro-Isreal on Tuesday, and who-knows-what on Wednesday.” She further countered Trump’s neutrality stance by saying that “Israel’s security and survival is ‘non-negotiable”. Mr Trump did not respond to the criticism. Rather, he emphatically declared, “when I became the president the days of treating Israel like a second-class citizen will end on Day 1.” Mrs Clinton believes Iran should be made to abide strictly by the nuclear agreement it signed with the west but Mr Trump, as well as Gov. John Kasich of Ohio, wants the nuclear deal negotiated by Mr Obama dismantled.
USATODAY NEWS reported that Senator Ted Cruz also addressed AIPAC. Ted insisted that “Palestine has not existed since 1948.” According to him Obama and Trump are equivocal in the attitude toward Israel and someone who will be a champion for Israel is needed. He won’t be neutral toward Israel.
AIPAC is said to have refused being addressed through the satellite. That makes US electioneering a great democratic model. It must be noted that Clinton a Democrat while Trump, Cruz and Kasich are Republican candidates. They were all present to address the electorates.
In 20015, before the general election in Nigeria, a Unilag Law Students’ Society organised a debate for Governorship candidates in Lagos States. Only few candidates from less popular political parties were present. Of course, Clinton’s Democrats Rival, Bernie Sanders wasn’t present at AIPAC but she would have been there. It’s just simply obvious that, almost generally, electioneering in Nigeria is not to convince the voters but to threaten them. Sometimes, rather than address the voters, politicians make plans to disrupt election processes. For example, hoodlums attacked people and a Youth Corps member and about 4 others were shot dead during River States rerun poll on Saturday, 19th March, 2016. 

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