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» »Unlabelled » Star Abseiled

Oh Happy Day,
The birth of a star!
Cairn of glory set at heaven’s boarder as a star
Abseiled down Gospel Tower as a
Light bulb in a lighthouse sprouted in a womb with
Epaulet lined on his shoulder.
Bellows power climaxed in the

Explosion of purifying fire through the
Lute of death music in the
Eyes of helpless cockroaches perching on the
Guillotine of Curse… lost from Father’s heart.
Bolt link bridges, bonding beloved in bracelet of
Holy Blood.
Emerald birthed in dessert,
Life’s trumpeter of change and hope,
Escutcheon to the smear of souls of sin
Yet to unveil boundless spill from the
Era of foundation.

Stop the avalanche from the mount of wrath
With a Cup of acorn of grace.
Swing as a Sparrow, feed as a swallow
Drill the drill of light into walls of doom
Bear Seeds of Passion fruit
With the Magnet of mouth balm.
Giving Spacesuit of salt to all
Bound and Veiled in hades dome
Give Spacesuit of light to all
Blindfolded and buried in hades dome
Let there be light from a treasure of treasures.

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