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» »Unlabelled » Pendulums: the pro-Biafran Protestations and the Trangression

Dugbe dugbe to n mi loke ibi kan lo maa jasi. That is a Yoruba idiom that means, “the pendulum
swinging above will drop somewhere”. Pendulum of unbridled rage and unresolved marginalization now threatens Nigerian federation fearsomely. An unloved-deposed-orphaned child will one day, being enraged and sustained by pent-up aversion, grow to rise to rebellion call against the unfeeling custodians. The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) and the Movement for the Actualisation of
Sovereign State of Biafra (MASSOB) seem now to have been animated by the Historians, perhaps, the popular There was a Country (TWC) of Achebe, Half of a Yellow Sun (HYS) of Adichie and the Abazon in Achebe’s Anthills of the Savannah, Ezeigbo’s Roses and Bullets, Nwapa’s Never Again and more factions (literary).
They are the stump of the Nigerian Civil War. What the War breathes could only have been crushed by lovely-friendly-family absorption of the embittered bloodline of Biafra into the economic and power phases of the Nigerian Federation. But alas,
marginalisation lasted till thick nights and there now emerges vantage of a New Dawn. The Pariahs are now immersed into the doctrine of Malcom X who rightly taught that there’s no need to ensure brotherhood with the ones who refused brotherhood. That is especially a case of false-brotherhood being enforced fiercely-blindly for long.
It must be known that if history repeats itself, the result will not be the same because more powers
of the United Nations will rule against the brothers of Blood to favour the Bloodline of Biafra. History, however, has already revisited itself to summon ‘archaeological’ resentful pro-Biafran IPOB, MASSOB and the ‘still Nameless’. When the visionary ‘prophet’ novelist and African Literature icon mentioned ‘Amaechina’ he meant that the protestitude of Ikem be a path of hope, unclosed, and he actually re-initiated or re-powered such path with his TWC. The power of
protest is known in the emancipation and decolonisation stories. MauMau Guerilla and ‘I
have a Dream’ actualisation-truism is a great example. The power of protest is also evident in
the right of sex workers now recognised by some states; rights of gay couples by some states (that had long harshly stood against such); the sovereign distinctive states of Sudan and Korea; the Nigerian relinquish of and recession from Bakassi Peninsula and the ousting of some dictators and tyrants. Equaino’s Travels of Olaudah Equaino; Uncle Tom’s Cabin of Harriet Beecher Stowe; The Native Son of Richard Wright; Root of
Halex Haley; Malcom X of himself and Haley, all and more, are powers that birthed protests and
discourses- engines and drivers of revolutions.
Now, TWC of Achebe and HYS of Adichie among others have pullulated protestations. Just as
Achebe joined Biafra and became an emissary for them and Okigbo joined Biafra to fight for them, Adichie (of course, with several other writers and critics) would be probably persuaded to channel
her passion and pen to advance the pro-Biafra course- the call she needed not to be persuaded
to obey with her intense Igbo-passion- the call she triggered into others perhaps not of her will-
the call that never died when it was buried- the call that grows even beneath the ground of victory and resentment. But the writers are partial to their
wits as Pope put it, and to their ideologies. I supposed most Igbo critics won't easily or openly join the cause but rather fault it or remain silent and indifferent about it. The truth remains that nothing in history is unchanging or unending.
Hope is waking in many passive pro-Biafrans; soon many will be active- protesting peacefully in
Martin Luther’s path and many will protest perniciously aggressively in Malcom X’s path. A great pendulum is at the point of breaking. The pro-Biafra are increasing in number and protests
and seem unstoppable.
The pendulums will really break when the South-West and other Southern parts unify against the
North. Of course that would not happen? No, it won't, I believe. The South-West may be known to be indifferent or passive but that is when they aren’t threatened or pushed. Should the enemies
of book begin bombing and massacres in the
South, or specifically, South-West, the resort will be to stand against the aggressor race of endangerment (as it will be if this pendulums break). That will become, “the enemy of my enemy
is my enemy” or “let us chase away the tiger or the fox before we come to address the fowl”. As it
stands, there are those that will flee terror but there are many that will face and fight terror in the
Oodua’s region. To the Southerners actually
comes the Yoruba proverbs:
Igi gogoro magun mi loju, okeere lati n lo (That the stick should not pierce one’s eyes is emphasised
from afar).
O m bo, o m bo, a won laadee dee (it’s approaching, it’s coming, we set a net for it).
The new-historicists do opine that power is not concentrated in a single hand. A peaceful co-
existence is only ensured when different parties recognise and respect the rights of one another;
when one party does not overrule and oppress another. The recognition and respect of the rights of others (culturally morally) has always been absent in
Nigeria. The megalomaniac projection of one may be unquestioned and uncurtailed for long but the rod of change will cause a change to that. As it
stands, I am afraid there are threats to the Federation of Nigeria as a state: I am afraid the way Gowon ignored the pogrom
that preceded the secession move and the war is the war the current government will ignore the grave tribal-enraging phenomena in the country.
I am afraid that attempts to curtail protestations, especially with force rather than pacification and quick convincing redress of marginalisation will only triggered an eruption of pro-Biafrans as
locust invasion.
I am afraid the eventuality of the protests and the rumoured incursion of the unbooked into the South will be allied forces with strong will and death will that will last for revolution. I am afraid the bolt to the pendulum is too loosed
to be tightened before it falls. The ram that reversed in a butting only retreats to gather strength.
I am afraid there are unknown foreign fueling-forces furthering the protest, waiting for its peak-
the repetition of secession declaration and outbreak of war. May be for weapons dealing.
I am afraid though breaking apart has its evils and regrets, it will be the reality if eyes and ears of the
government and the North are unwilling to loose the grip of domination as it seems to mean to those feeling threatened regardless of the argument of whether there truly is domination or not or if the arms are unconcerned and careless.
I am afraid plans would have been and are being well made for the return of the chronicling of deaths.
I say again that as it stands, I am afraid there are threats to then Federation on Nigeria as a state.
But seccession threats will be a threat of the cockroach to climb a bathtub or get up on from falling on its back. So I know to hope.
I wonder if pro-Biafrans weren't with will when Jonathan was the President and if they'd have been with will if Buhari never won the election.
What a world or complexities: political-religious-­tribal-economic motives always woven together in
mass too veiled to be solved.
What the pendulums or protests and terrorists migration breathe could only be averted by lovely-
friendly-family absorption of the embittered bloodline of Biafra into the economic and power phases of the Nigerian Federation and treating the transgressors. Alas, marginalisation and terrorism
lasted till thick nights and now, pendulums are close to breaking to blast the federation as volcano
blasted Pompeii. But will it be a mere threat or real one, and for how long?
By Samuel Oladimeji Kuye
Ksooang Hopeace (TFW)

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