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Gavel Banged Series By Samuel Oladimeji Kuye 1. Evil: not an Untransferable Distaff Component The world is predicated on the possibility of both good and bad regardless of good being more desirable. There are factors that do birth these antithetic concepts. One of these factors is human. It becomes an argument that one sex is a more causal agent of evil than the other. However, no sex is just evil and no sex is just good. From the stance of most religions, women are the pathogens of errors and most things negative. In the Bible several women caused or did evil. Eve caused Adam to fall. Jezebel was a whore who made Ahab commit great abominations, making her royalty almost unrecognized. It was Delilah who made Samson’s mission unfulfilled. Women are the ones who turned Solomon’s heart away from God. Micah almost made David an ingrate to God. Job’s wife told him to blaspheme against God. Sarah, the mother example, according to Apostle Peter, made Abraham sleep with Hagar and that caused a lasting error or war. Potiphar’s wife almost make Joseph’s dream buried in sexual immorality. There were many examples to cite to stereotype women as the typical causal agents of evil. But that is just a result of a prejudicial or discriminatory interpretation anchored by patriarchal lords to justify their egocentric chauvinism. In the same Bible, there are many agents of change and peace. In fact, one is so revered that she becomes deified, regardless of the controversy on such deification, by some religious bodies. There was Deborah who ordered men to war and had to follow them before their morale could be raised. Hannah did not only pray to get a child, Samuel. She also gave him to God. Samuel became a prophet, a judge and a kingmaker in Israel. Huldah was a prophetess who assured men of the verity of the Judgment of God and spoke of Josiah’s good death. Without Rahab, the two spies that Joshua sent to Jericho would have been killed. Rahab’s household might have perished. Esther was an anchor of the Jews’ deliverance in Babylon Ruth was a woman whose decisions popularize the family of Elimelech. She and Rahab are recognized in the genealogy of Jesus Christ. Without Micah, David would have been killed by Saul. The widow of Sarephat was a sustainer of Elijah’s life as God positioned her to be. There was a widow who was hospitable to Elisha. Abigail tried to prevent Nabal’s death. There were Mary Magdalene, Mary and Martha, Aquila, Rhoda, Dorcas, daughters of Phillip, Phebe, Pilate’s wife and many more. There is also, the mother of Jesus Christ, Mary. There is, in Literature, a concept of Femme Fatal, but there is no “Homme Fatal.” Is Life’s experience seen as a meaning around the male only such that Homme Fatal is not needed? Yes, it is. Oh no, it is not! It only used to be. Men invented guns. They tried to invent bullet proof or resistant as the case may be. But Stephanie Kwolek’s Kevlar is more helpful in firearm’s preventives. It will continue to be because scientist are constantly looking for what to add to Kevlar to make a stronger bullet resistant, not to replace Kevlar or ignore it. So, while men made the “killing thing”, they could not make a better “saving thing” until Kwolek developed Kevlar (regardless of whether her invention was accidental or not). Men had made cars. But Mary Anderson’s windshield’s wiper is a life saving invention. Actually and critically, men are the major sponsors and actors of terrorism. In the political sphere, it seems normal (or acceptable or reasonable) to many people for man to err than for a woman to err. There was a Patricia Eteh whose case in the National Assembly was greatly emphasized- as unbecoming- in Nigeria, as if there were no cases of Chief Bode George or Dimeji Bankole. There was Ibru’s case emphasized almost greater than Erastus case. This is not a Feminist propaganda. It is a call to truth. it can be argued that evil originated from the woman. but that was not the case. it originated from the one who wanted to exalt himself above God. eve fell for the Devil's deception as much as Adam fell for it. so, Adam had no excuse. he tried to shift the blame to the woman and God but he soon learnt that he had no excuse especially since he received the instruction firsthand from God. Evil in human's mind and body comes as a result of eating the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil. Both of them ate the fruit. Eve ate it first and perhaps, more. Both sexes ate the fruit. Adam now had a nature that could not withstand God's nature of holiness. he ran because even in him was evil. they mated and reproduced. The point is that God created a woman to sort out what is not good. If there is love, then we will all know that we are all prone to temptation and we must all be watchful. None is just evil. None is just good. Both sexes are humans. Both sexes have human nature. The truth, therefore, is that Women are as much good or bad as men are. Gavel Banged!

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