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BOND2 Two years just like yesterday! But everything has changed. The orange soil is now covered and cars slide on it. The village stream, dried. And now they get water from a borehole made by a politician. Things just… pretty fast, things change like that? Mama Olofada no longer uses earthen pots or aaro meta. I'm sure she didn't recognise me because I walked fast. Her only child used to disturb and wanted me that time. But what did a poor mind know? It's a pity that it’s when I considered giving my heart out that devil came as my angel and everything went well wrong. After walking past Mama Olafada, I'm supposed to walk forward a little and turn to the right and then our house will be visible to me. But I can't just walk up the hill like that. Perhaps I should just go to the farm first and... I don't just know `what to do. I `cannot see our house there! Oh, I just noticed something. What happened? Most of the old houses have been replaced with new brick or block houses. What happened to our house? Oh! There is no house up there. Let me just walk up and see though I know I am not dreaming. These people must be migrants from another planet. Perhaps it's not Mama Olafada that I saw. *** God! Just forgive me. I need your he_ _. Oh my god. Who’s buried in there? Mama Olofada is dead! "Ni iranti Mama wa Anike Agboro ti o ku ni ojo kefa osu kerin odun 2006." That's about a year after I left home. Oh, now she rest from struggle. That woman was talented in quarrelling. Hope my mum and dad are still... Evil thought, no! My mum cannot be dead. Let me just ask people around as I move up. Those ones I've asked are just new here... Hey! Brother, please, "ejo mo fe beere boya ile kan wa loke lohun yen tele abi ibi bayi.." "Oh, se ile mama to foju ti oko e ro lapa ro lese yen, won ti ko lo... "Ko lo si bo?" "Emi o mo. O dabi pe won tale yen funyan kan eniyen de wo gbogbo e pale or something like that" "Oh, good, you have no idea where they now live? What about the twins?" "I... don't know... *scuse me... hope no problem..." "No, thanks." Oh my God. Imagine how he described my parent, asking me: the house of that blind woman whose husband is paralysed? Where do I go from here? It seems the man may know more. It seems they my parents are famous for their misfortune in this new world. They must be near and I will find them . But it's getting dark. Where will I sleep this night? With this brother? No, that’s dangerous. I don't know may be he's married. Will he let me in? I think I just have to go back to him and try. *** "Please, I have a little problem. I don't know if I can get a place to sleep for the night. *like a guest house or something- just for the night." "Hmmmm. There's a guest house, the only one around here. Just take a bike and tell the okada man to take you to "Motara Guest House..." Motara rang in my ears. I remembered Motoyosi and Motara, my siblings. As the man's talking, I fell flat, hungry, angry, ashamed, regretful, and empty. I was weak. He rushed up and grabbed me from my back, his hands wrapped tightly on my chest like leopard’s claws pinned in its prey’s flesh. His voice was calm in captivating baritone. And I hear eluulu calling rain. It will rain tonight as the bird keeps calling rain. I can't go for the search. He said I can stay for the night. What a good man! He gave me food. But he never asked for my name. He's not asked what the twins and their parent mean to me. He surely is deep. He knows something, more , and I will get it out of him whatever it takes. I must find my people. _______________________________________________________What is the sex of the narrator or his lover, and the twins, what could have happened to the parents and twins or where are they? Will he or she locate the family with or without help? What will the man do to help? It’s good to share but please remember reference when and as necessary.

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