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THE EAGLES’ MASTERS by Kuye Samuel The Eagles’ Masters Keep changing Eagles’ Manager Roasters Under the guise of the greed to win, Making Brother-managers crucified for venial sin While imported managers luxuriate in our wealth And disarm the strength of the brother’s growing-army of health. How can changing teachers and interrupting lectures Help to ascertain balanced structures? Bonfrere, Troussier, Milotinovic, Lagerback, If they did perfect beyond our brothers’ lack, Let history show of the condemned patriotism Of the Eagles’ Masters’ idiocies and egoism. ‘‘We’ll give you two hundred instead of five or fifteen But only one hundred will be yours, think, instead of fifteen.’’ ‘‘Then it’s fifty-fifty’’ ‘‘No, it’s not! It’s not fifty-fifty. You, one person only, will have fifty percent, But, we.. we’ll manage to share fifty percent.’’ ‘‘But the people, your people, not all think your brother’s failing’’ ‘‘Really? Then we may not fire him like we’re willing. We can suggest and summon an adviser from the white caves We do owe our brothers salary and some raves But we can pay you a year salary in advance. Permit me to give you an instance It’ll be easy for you; you may not need to give a piece of advice to the settings Till you bid us farewell Just partner us in some legal lootings’’ ‘‘If those are your claims It’s your land Hire my idle but eager hand But you face the blames’’ The Eagles Masters A brother gets us a long-loved-twice-got golden cup And from the wheel chair lifts us up And then while we gain some ground We think that brother’s not capable to take us around We’re good in the display of heartless, discouraging and scary gratitude The Eagles Masters attitude Has been to anticipate and actualize failures For then they can suckle funds to cause greater failures- Failures which the need to solve will be a chance to eat Do the Masters care for the Eagles? Do they care about the greatness of the Eagles? Do the care about how high the Eagles ought to fly? Do they really want the Eagles to Soar or to Die? Are they not tired of causing disruptions in the name of leadership? How can changing lecturers and interrupting lectures Help to ascertain balanced structures? We’re not oblivious of the misbegottens Perhaps we just lack the courage or the ‘how’ to make corrections Perhaps we just don’t have options… KUYE SAMUEL OLADIMEJI ENGLISH/ARTS UNILAG.

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