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ASA WA O GBODO KU ----- OUR CULTURE MUST NOT DIE Agutan lawo, sugbon aja at’elede niise ----- Sheep in the form, but dog and pig is she Eni a fokantan bi awokose ----- the one trusted to be a role model To wa yo poro lo o te l’ole ----- who instead vanish with a thieves Won n labee re lagbayipo ----- they lick her stew rotationally Okete bo’ru oju ode mo ----- rodent slip away through it tail Inu ibepe tako ewaa re ----- the seed inside of pawpaw isn’t its beauty Ebi wa lowo eni ani ko wa jeun ----- blame the one invited to eat To palemo to jelerun ----- who claimed all and devoure the house Eni a gberi re je nko? ----- the one whose testimony defended To di amenu kuro gboju foda oro ----- becomes a must ignored and overlooked Ase wiwi ko ni sise taara ----- saying is not the same as doing Oga tii se alagemo lo gbode kan ----- chameleon are spread all over the land Ewa lo gun-un, etan lo dun mo ----- beauty puffed her up, deception sweetened her Afe aye lo faa lo ----- the love of pleasure dragged her away Afarawe lo taa leru ----- imitation sold her a slave O ti bo ----- it’s lead to cull de sac Aso o bomoye mo ----- clothe could not suffice for Omoye. Omoye ti rin’hoho woja ----- omoye had gone to the market naked Lanke ti lo tefetefe ----- Lanke had vanished permanently Asiri kan sib o die ni ----- the secret is just still covered Akara le tu sepo nigbakugba ----- bean pudding may loose in oil Sugbon ki lebii mi ----- but what is my fault Mo p’ole wa’le ----- invited the thieves to the house Mo ro p’onile ko nigba f’ole, ----- I thought the owner would resist the thieves Mo p’eni anu wale ----- I invited the lost one home Ko wa darapo m’egbe ----- to join the group Agbasalaruge tiwantiwa ----- of indigenous culture preservers Sugbon awon agbasalaruge gan-an ----- but the preservers themselves Niwon ta asa l’ofe, ----- sold the culture for free To fi n d’oro itan ----- that it’s becoming a mere history Okan pakan je, ej’eeji, et’eeta ----- one by one, twos and threes Ni kalokalo, eni anu n fiwon lata ----- the devourer,the lost,feed on them Bi ere Ayo, o d’oro kanka ----- like Ayo game, but it’s now serious Ikoleru ironu, t’asipe l’olaju ----- enslavement of the mind misrepresent as civilization Ti je gbogbo ile run tan. ----- has devoured the entire house Ariwo d’orin lode oni ----- Organized noise becomes music today Awon alariwo kun n lowo ----- the noise makers indeed are rich Isekuse la n pe l’eto omo eniyan ----- abomination is being called human right B’ina ba ku a feeru b’oju ----- when the fire dies the smoke succeeds it Bogede ku af’omo re ropo ----- the banana dies and the sucker succeeds it Awon opo t’oye ko di’lemu ti feeye tan, ----- the pillars are almost fallen Oro sunnukun, ha! Oro sunnukun, ----- complex issue, ha! Complex issue Asa ati ise wa ti di irira leti ewe iwoyi ----- our culture is irritating to the youth of today Ki la o ti se’yi si? ----- how shall we solve this? Eewo ko lat ko’sa elomiran to ba ti dara ----- foreign culture is not forbidden, if it’s good Sugbon atoyin ati majele ladapo ----- but honey and poison, we’ve mixed together Bi ebun L’owo awon atohunrinwa ----- as gifts from the straingers. O d’owo awon Ojogbon, ----- it’s left unto the professors and sages Omowe, at’awon Agbaagba ----- doctors and all elders At’wa ti ko tii so asa nu ----- and we that haven’t thrown our culture away Toto!, ose bi owe agba, ----- Toto! It’s like a proverb of the elders P’agba kii wa l’oja ----- that if an elder is at the market k’ori omo tuntun ----- the head of the baby mustn’t bend Ori ti wo naa oo! ----- the head is bent already Bi a se maa t’orise l’oku ----- it’s now how to correct the head K’ori ma ba ye kuro l’orun ----- that it may not break from the neck T’ori ba ti ye, iku de niyen oo… ----- if it breaks, death comes certainly. ASA WA O GBODO KU ----- OUR CULTURE MUST NOT DIE

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