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Elfchen 1


World's worded-wealth
Lives' experience compiled
And knowledge surely enriches

Her Gait LA Captiver

Her gait LA captiver
Her vision au loin
Beyond the seas and skies
And moi
LAmour de loin

May the god of love
Lend me some courage
To speak the words
And act the intent
Moi, I love You.


A man in love
Is like a baby.
He wants to be sure,
Of getting or owing,
Of his mother's
Whatever he wants from her.


Make yourself fit
For the keep
Get updated.

The Aged

When poverty crowned and arrayed the aged
Waning in travails to survive till they're dead
And descendants pained, grieved and cried
Twas painful but glorious exit they lied

Wish them long life
To be celebrated by their descendants
More rewarding than they did their ancestors
As blind sword and scale bearer sees flowers in times


The world is full of conflicts because it is full of humans. But conflict does not have to be crises or chaos. It is the friction of Plutonium assertive conflicts that culminates into crises, chaos and catastrophe. Every human is a collection of hidden or expressed conflicts, critical or classic. What makes games interesting are the challenges they pose. what makes movies, Wrestling, Football, Basketball, Boxing very capturing is the conflict they present with the need to win. Life, therefore, is worth living as long as there is an object to desire, a course to take and a hope to win. When nothing makes meaning anymore then life is done and gone.

Will humans ever be one again? Only when there were one, a man, and one, a woman was complete oneness known on earth, in good and erring, in innocence and falling. I do not think I believe it but if there was a Lilith then the coming of a third, our Eve, is the cutting of the cord. And Lilith is to blame, God is never to blame. Here, I digress to submit that the ever best form of union is between two -a man and a woman -that is wholeness. And I do not mean that wholeness is without challenges. Only the blown-away cremated dead ones face and feel no earthly challenges. There are, over dead bodies, challenges of swelling, stinking, embalming, shrinking, burying and decaying. The worms make the grave busy a good while. And necromancers can still trouble the dead, even the great Prophet Samuel lamented when summoned from paradise for king Saul.

So, we must be quick to reconcile with the fact that conflict is human and global phenomenon. Crises, chaos and catastrophe (nature or human triggered) are not contents of the Nigerian land or logo, soil or sky.
If we agree that the flag or badge of evils: corruption and terrors are not Nigerian we we will find comfort to hope, confidence to live and Courage to cater rather than complain even amidst felt or heard, visiting or abiding plagues if unpleasantness.

The problem with Nigeria, as it is with all Capital cities or palatial countries of corruption and crises is the unwillingness to dissolve the powers of a single-eye and solidify the powers of many eyes. To be single-eyed is to be monstrous, cyclopsic. It led the Hutu against the Tutsi in Rwanda. It caused the Nigerian Civil war and all civil wars. It caused all wars and terrors. A single eye can never work in a secular state of accidental conception that involved many sperm cells ruining ova into one entity -a very multi-eyed Cyclops.

Weep but weep no more

Weeping a flood of blood
With eyes of pain and passion
Weep, let it flow with force
Whether within or without

Let them gloat and glory
Like you're weakling and wounded
Let them feast in fatness
Like you'll sink in sorrow.

But weep no more
Break the blockade
Best all pain flood gush and gone
Because it's dawn of wings and sunshine



Power is tool so good
Never lack it
Power is burden too heavy
Don't possess it

Be not weak
Be not vulnerable
And be no terror
Be no absolute!


By 'Deji Kuye (TFW)
We have but one great problem in Nigeria. I am tempted to agree with China Achebe that the trouble with Nigeria is leadership virus. And that is no temptation. It is actually the critical case! I believed that the problem is disunity. But as absolute as that seems a fact it is only a blast, not the bomb.

The problem did not stem from the West's coming or their colonialism. On the one hand, a form of colonialism had existed before the White came. Oyo empire ruled over Dahomey and others. The Fulani conquered lands. Zaria and Queen Amina conquered lands too. And natives sold natives as slaves. So, exploitation and brutality did not sneak into Africa. It had started with the first brother of the human kind. On the other hand, colonialism brought civilization with its "good and bad" better than primitive wandering and sacrifices but not better than primitive simplicity, Modesty and innocence that existed in that pastoral world of ours (perhaps, arguable). It was the West's identification of the problem and the dealing with it that initiated or yielded to and fast tracked the process of decolonization.

The problem is one and universal. It is a blindness. We that love God do not see what HE loves or we see it as a shadow of nothing, not as a substance.
The one problem with Nigeria and with the world is collective and individual forgetting or collective and individual intentional-denying of our humanity. That is the bomb. Acting on or with that forgetfulness or denial is the blast. The terrors, trauma and tragedies prevalent are the fag end of explosion.



Baba Oshe
Agbara Re l'eyi o
Onise iyanu
Arambara o
Jesu o se.

1. Nigba ti lesu; 'wo lo se opo ina; iwo nimole o
when it's night; You're the pillar of light;
You're the light, shinning bright.
Baba o ma se o.


2. Ologo didan; Eleru niyi o;
Ologo didan, alarambara o
Jesus a yin O, Onise iyanu. (rpt)

Oniyanu ni o; A n ri loke nile o
Koseni bii Re o. (rpt)


Miracle working God; wonders in the sky
wonders on the land; there's none like You!