Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Will I Wait for Godot?

Will I Wait for Godot?
Can I wait for Godot
With wishes of lawn
And peacocks to behold
And monkeys to hold
Dogs to play with
And a lover
To talk and walk with
Holding hands, sharing love
Can I wait in wishes?

Abraham Oloche knows I can
You can, I can and we all can
Wait in wishes.
But will I just wait
With wishes in my mind
And prayers in my mouth
And hope in my pocket
As towers of powers
And arrows as medals
Of fulfilment?

Will Creator who worked for seven days
Bless just the waiting, wishes and words?
If He spoke of the prodigal who wished
And arose and went,
Then magic won't meet wishes
But miracle will meet making moves.


temitayo arowolo said...

This is a masterpiece really. Ride on Kuye Samuel!

Samuel Oladimeji Kuye said...

Thank you dearie.