Friday, 18 November 2016


Searcher’s Glory
wanderers’ are learners, growing
wanderers are travellers, knowing
wanderers are seers, noting
wanderers are adventurers, checking
wanderers are knowers, teaching
but some wanderer’s may be lost and cursed
except they be immune with the course of searchers
then wanderers’ wandering curses shall be buried
in searcher’s glory and findings
for wanderers who are seekers are searchers
and searchers are finders, focused and glorious
and wanderers’ curse shall be swallowed in searcher’s glory
but some static shall stink in stupor of their unchecked stillness

 Villagers and the City
you who think you’re loyal
and campaign against journeying away
do you stay all years in the village?
within the towns there are wonders
which many loyalists crave to see
and for trade or for games do cross boarders
do people in villages crave the city?
oh no, not all, and yes, many, youthful and ambitious
if this ancestral pride’s too bright in your soul
you’d never leave your village for sunlight or trade
but I know you spent a time for secondary learning
in a high school in the city.
and I’m not oblivious of you farmers
selling in bulk at Kuto Market.
even ancestors had friends in neighbouring villages
and only cowards rot in caves without a sight of sunlight
villagers and city dwellers are many who love pristine peaceful village
but who prefer the city for a living
and many villagers desire a city’s touch of change
even you, a better life desire


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