Friday, 21 October 2016


20. You Love Our Country than
Tiger, Sumatran Tiger, Cat, Predator

You love our country than homely-I do
And my weaverbird now detests the nest
Yet I fear to think that your love’s so true
That I should worship your grace with all zest
For none is truer than who has shared our plight
But what prince is princely for treason tongue
When a renegade now seems fair and right
And guileful gods take false fairness for bung?
Shall I take your comforting mockery words
As way to defeatist lorn hearts of preys
Or keys to the hidden fortress of lords
Or feasting skills formed for the feats of fays?
            Nay, my heart knows not thy love than just face
            But I’m truer who dare tigers to their face

                                                                        At Home,

 Chicks, Chicken, Hen, Dam, Small

21. Hen’s Heart Keeps the
Hen’s heart keeps the chicks behind and around
And hawks’s heartless and hideous to flock babes
The flyer rules in air and land around
And hen and cocks affright lose their babes
Shall noise deliver the parrot from cage
Or murmur make the cricket make some might
Shall weaklings crush Achilles with rear rage
When no heel’s known and targeted aright?
My love’s not diffident-hiding-lying
Blood-fleeing-spilling by bosses-of-doom
It’s water and pure earth of my living
If I were lost I’d not look back to whom
I’d left to waste in ever conjurings
            Love’s spelled in my searching -heart of blackness
For my land, in its errors and sickness

     Grey Hawk, Bird, Raptor, Wildlife

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