Sunday, 16 October 2016


18. The Energy at Home
Sunset, Sea, Sun, Birds, Twilight

That many meats full the pots of our hopes
Beclouds our sense of storage and trading
Then rats roaming rooms and raiding hopes
Fishes in our seas that should be swimming
Are swallowed deep by gods underwaters
And chicks within chicks are wasted for little
And tools are buried far from the crafters
The sun bemoans the waste of his mantle
The moon’s starved they that cloaked the sun
The stones, the sands, the trees, the heads, the games
As masters mock roar to maul and dun
And patriarchs are pathogen with fake names
            When things are promising and yet unreal
            Who by gods’ orders can make haste to heal?

                                                At Home

Forest, Sun, Rays, Fog, Nature, Tree

19. When gods are greedy
When great gods are greedy and ne’er giving
And mortal maidens are mated away
From the shepherds and blacksmiths’ dense rising
Shall Dionysus still call men to pray?
And the god soon leaves Semele for new
Shall men refuse to close Pandora’s box
And lose the lives and hopes within the ewe
When they see bright the gaiety of the fox?
Before the storm becomes tamed and too still
For the pushing of the wings of eagles
Let the eagles soar and struggle to fill
The height by fight and force through the mangles
            Then the stones, sands, trees, heads and games shall boom
            And the hoping and the healing shall zoom


Winter Sun, Sun, So, Sunbeam, Sunset