Wednesday, 7 September 2016


Levantado, Beach, Caribbean, Overseas
Oh what a mind flying on the wings of amnesia
In thoughts that upon lack of ambrosia
All gods must flee their kingdom
And upon famine fearsome
Sheep dessert the shepherd
As an allochthonous feral bird
That cares less for the nest!
But with the shepherd to the crest
The herd flock for flora
And shepherd stand against any cobra.
So, what sheep deserts the shepherd
To graze alone on field afar
And bleats of being benign?
What sheep desert the shepherd
To graze alone on field afar
As seeking Niger-Benue brooks
For Augean stable to clean themselves?
The king may wear the crown
And sit on the thrown
But the glory of the land
Is for all to own
And for that people play
And work well with the king and chiefs.
Yours sincerely
At home
Let no one wail
With hate to those for sale
For endowment sold to a user and builder
Is better than that vowed to a keeper and waster.
No sheep desert a shepherd
For innate is the altruism of the shepherd
And that his sheep know and trust.
But when shepherds are unjust
To the course of tending
And feeding and leading
Defending and caring
And tilling and breeding
Then what sheep should wait
And breed to waste?
And all grass, green and rich that nature gives
No shepherd, truly named, peculates.
But no thieves or tyrants
Can command the milk of sheep to stooge.
Yours truly,


Levantado, Beach, Caribbean, Overseas

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