Friday, 23 September 2016


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14. Tell me about Change
Tell me of what’s new
Tell me of what’s different
That change may awe my soul.
Or that it may overawe my spirit.
Is change an alien?
Has it just now arrived?
Perhaps change is native.
Is change terrible and loveable,
Or wonderful and detestable?
Change happens, it always does.
But this change too appraised
By voices in violent tilt
Tell me more of this change.

15. I Know Callisto
I know those tender with reserved violence
Yearning for the woods
Fallen for god, mating of wonder
And mortal husband ne’er know
Of her innocence exploited
A husband lord a raider god
A Callisto banishment by embittered husband
A Callisto metamorphosis by upper torches
Let her suffer the heat and the cold
In fear of desperate hunters
Who themselves are victims of heat and cold
And the god that could help
Only after the seed of the god had killed her
Is not wicked but divine
That’s the story of our change
The raider, the bitter, weaker, the hater and the hunter
Are all victims of ever-happening change.
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