Monday, 29 August 2016


Plums, Plum Tree, Fruit Tree, Fruit
Don’t be like that; is that all in your head?
Realities cry, you hear beauty instead
Then in this world you’ll be a great misfit
No, I need none of your berries a bit
The gods you’ve insulted with your strange wit
And for your temporal love, you’ll get hit
Don’t be like that; let your narrow mind spread
Don’t let lust melt you as heat melts lead
Beauty and good aren’t the true fact of life
Life oddities make great well beaten path
Out of which greatness gives humans a bath
Smooth and beautiful path’s the slippery path
            Until the hurdles are past beyond strife

            Love, don’t let my beauty bury your life
Grapes, Fruit, Vine, Vines, Wine

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