Thursday, 25 February 2016

Olaniyi Dolapo

One great leader-star from heaven
Landed on the peak of light. It’s  the
Almond of dove’s palace. It’s
Nature-nurtured by the streams of Ikogosi. It’s
Inspired by Aphrodite’s palm on Ares’ shoulder. It’s
Yearning for the fire of cupid’s arrow. It’s
Inhaled the Ether and chewed the Ambrosia.

Diamond-flesh pasted on lightning bones:
Only if Cronus devoured Zeus
Like he dethroned Uranus
And if Hercules’ tasks be deaths, each stage, shall
People’s stingy stinging tongues and fangs break thee
Or melt thy flesh and stop thy blazing bones

I once plunged my tongue into thy plate
And knew no pair to thy dish-
Meal intoxicating with smoke fish, nice flesh, living leaves,
That enveloped eba, that night.
Rest assured, I know you’re as great as the eagle
Unclad in heart as the lamb and puppy
Enigmatic in peacock’s gait and monkey’s agility

In time you’re Hera
But Will in time be Demeter.
When you Miss the chariots to Hades
Never mind, just Glow; You’ll know the Hero-God conquered him
Bid Ye Godspeed then, sure, no storm so strong to sway or stop the eagle.  

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