Tuesday, 3 November 2015


It pains to (must) part but it pays to (must) proceed to progress
Eaglet may fly far from eagle's nest
But it soars to further eagle's business
The journey of Phillip to Samaria's best
For wheels to cross seas
For legs to tread wider ground
Birds must spread across trees
And further mission that space be found
It hurts to part but it heals to proceed to progress
So,I yearn the go the more but to stay the less
We shall see but frequent necessarily the less
Though bond to grace sweet family
Life's got no rewind
Though there be memories and documentations
Life's got no pause
Though there be accidents and failures
life's got no forward
Though there be imaginations and visions

Man may try to alter the order
But life a constant 'play'
though man may make nothing of its journey
Life travels orderly graveward by the tick of time
To the Glory of God.
I Love Gospel Students' Fellowship.
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